Race to the top


Indoor Adventure Climbing Wall in Bend, OR
You have never seen anything like it. This element puts the Adventure in our park. The Tower is available for jumpers ages 4 and up, and is sure to provide a whole lot of fun!


The tower stands 22 feet tall and is located right in the middle of the park. There are six different routes to take on your way up. Can you finish all 6 challenges?

  • Graffiti Monkey: Similar to your standard climbing wall, this element has stationary holds that are a good fit for all skill levels.
  • Labyrinth: Shaped like a maze, this wall challenges your ability to multi task. As you climb you will need to slide a peg along the maze until you reach the top. If you drop the peg you drop your chance a becoming the tower champion.
  • Light the way: Power your way up the wall while the lights try to slow your roll. Keep your eyes open and don’t slip!
  • Speed Wall: This is all about SPEEEEED! Start your time by pushing the green button at the bottom of the wall, and finish by stopping the clock up top. Challenge your friends and set a new high score. Be aware these holds have a smooth finish that are sure to test your grip on the way up. Don’t get careless or your sure to fall to the floor.
  • Circuit Board: Feel the electricity on this one! Picture you are Ant Man and have just been shrunk inside a cell phone. You must climb to the top of the Circuit Board before being brought back to your normal size. Good luck!
  • Gear Head: This wall may look easy at first glance but wait until you try to get a grip. If you aren’t set just right, the gears will spin and send you back to where you came from. Gear Head will test your brain more than your experience.


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