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Indoor Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course in Bend, OR
You’ve seen it on TV. You may have thought about building a few obstacles in your backyard. And we all have said “I could have done that…” Well here is your chance. We have 15 obstacles to hone your strength, endurance, and mental grit. Do you have what it takes to be a ninja? There is only one way to find out.

Ninja Course

This course is designed to push its challengers out of their comfort zone. Although each element may be completed as an individual, the course in its entirety is no walk in the park. The obstacles were strategically placed to compliment one another, and provide an unparalleled training experience. There is no “easy lane” and the course is designed for ninjas 10 and older. Obstacles include the Quintuple Step, Ballin’ Out, Sea of Discs, Cargo Net, Log Roll, Walking Swings, Rings, Disc Hop, Hand Hop, Spider Wall, Walking Ropes, Hanging Doors, and Feet Hoppers. The course is open to practice during normal park hours and Special Events such as Ninja Night will be held on occasion. CLICK HERE to view our upcoming events.


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