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Indoor Obstacle Course in Bend, OR
This attraction is an endless good time. You never know what the course will throw your way. Be logical but stay light on your toes to score the best time. Easy, medium, hard, and expert game modes will make each trip through the maze an experience to remember. Good luck from our team to yours!

Just $1 per use


The Laser Maze is the perfect contraption of lasers, mirrors, and sensors all working in collaboration to make your trip through the maze as difficult as possible. The maze features two different game modes, both of which have single player and co-op missions available.

  • Laser Maze Challenge: Here the participants will work their way through the maze trying to reach three different objective points. First make it to the key, then head over to the money, and then back to the power switch to deactivate the lasers. If a player contacts a beam at any time, they will automatically receive a 30 second penalty added to their score.
  • Beam Buster: In this game mode that participants will run around the vault “breaking” each laser as quickly as possible. When a laser has been contacted it will automatically shut off. Once all the lasers have been busted and the maze is cleared, the players will touch the objective buttons to reactive that lasers. Repeat this process as many times as possible in one minute to set a new high score!


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